About the Project – Our Funders

Seafood – See Here! is an exciting initiative aimed at raising the profile and availability of locally landed seafood in the Moray Firth, North and East coasts of Scotland. Using a joined-up, customer-focused approach, Seafood – See Here! works with partners in the fishing, retail and hospitality industries to increase the quality and amount of local seafood offered in local shops and restaurants.


Project Supporters

The Moray Firth Partnership, in conjunction with a Project Steering Committee, provides overall management and support for Seafood – See Here! The Moray Firth Partnership promotes joined-up thinking in marine and coastal management, helping organisations and key stakeholders find new ways to communicate and work together to preserve the Moray Firth’s natural, economic and social resources, now and for future generations.

The Seafood – See Here! initiative is part-financed by The Scottish Government and the Highland, Moray and Aberdeenshire Councils’ European Fisheries Fund Axis 4 Programmes.

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