Seafish and Shellfish in the Moray Firth

Today herring is, by weight, the second biggest catch in the North Moray Firth but haddock, which is primarily found in the Northern and Central North Sea / Outer Moray Firth has taken over as the most abundant species landed, with cod ranked third largest species landed by weight. Whiting is also landed in abundance, particularly at Fraserburgh and Buckie.

The most valuable species landed in Scotland – with approximately 260 tonnes landed in the Moray Firth alone – is Nephrops (or ‘scampi prawn’) whilst about 410 tonnes of brown crab and 205 tonnes of velvet crab are landed locally. Lobster and scallop, which are Scotland’s second most valuable shellfish species, are both also widely available.

Finally, with a third of the country’s main salmon rivers flowing into the Moray Firth, salmon and sea trout fishing provides a much-anticipated seasonal catch in our waters.